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Photo by Pinguino

Photo by Pinguino

This was my 11th San Diego Comic-Con, and my second setting up in Artist Alley. It’s a new and thrilling experience every year. I love talking about my books (and other comics) with folks who stop by my table, it’s super fun to meet new people at the after-hours events around con, and of course it’s a treat to see friends and reconnect with folks in the industry. I might have also managed to get a new project or two off the ground — we’ll see.

At the end of the convention, I got to play Kieron Gillen’s beta RPG DIE, based on the comic of the same name, with an incredible group. I wrote up the experience for CBR:

To Live and DIE at SDCC with Kieron Gillen, Jody Houser, Jim Zub & More

Nearly missed my flight but it was totally worth it!


I don’t have any more conventions planned for the year, but I’m starting to plan for 2020. Can’t wait to see what next year brings!

Make Comics with Me! + A2CAF

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I’ll be teaching an eight-week graphic novel writing class at Writing Workshops Detroit starting in June — if you’re local and interested in writing your own comics, I’d love to see you in class!

My next convention is Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival, aka A2CAF June 14-16— and holy wow, look at that guest list! My kiddo is so, so excited to meet Raina Telgemeier and Lucy Knisley, I can’t even tell you. A2CAF also hosts the Dwayne McDuffie Award for Kids’ Comics, and there are a number of stellar entries this year. We love The Hidden Witch, The Prince and the Dressmaker, and everything Lumberjanes — and for the nominees we don’t know, I guess we have some more reading to do.

This week: C2E2

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Comic cons two weeks in a row? Why not?!?

This week I’ll be at C2E2 in Chicago, in Artist Alley table V-5 with Andrew Rostan. Andrew and I tabled together at Emerald City, as well, and it was fantastic. His new book is Form of a Question, an incredibly touching memoir about his time as a five-time Jeopardy! champion. (I know, right?!?)

Chicago is one of my favorite cities in the world. I lived there for a few years out of college, then again for a few years after grad school. My kiddo was born there. It’s special to me. And C2E2 is an excellent show in itself. I’m super looking forward to this weekend.

Also! I’ll be speaking about Macbeth: The Red King on the American Library Association stage Friday at 4. If you’re at the con, please do stop by!

This Week: Emerald City Comic Con

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This week, I’m exhibiting for the first time at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. Come find me at Artist Alley table NN-9!

Emerald City is one of those shows I’ve always heard such great things about, and I look forward to experiencing the show myself. I’m also very excited to catch up with a few friends I haven’t seen in too long and meeting comics fans in a new city.

Also, I love Seattle. I’ve been for work a few times, and it’s one of those places I just love knocking around. After arriving in town and setting up, I’ve had a bit of time to just walk the streets and neighborhoods. It’s… very hilly, and a bit cold today, but I dig it.

Looking back on 2018, ahead to 2019

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As cheesy as it may sound, it really does help to set goals.

I'm not going to lay out a big program full of acronyms or anything; I hate that, too. I recognized, though, that I had a couple rough years in terms of creative output leading up to 2018, and so I set some goals for what I'd like to produce over the course of that year. I'd like to share those goals and how things went, maybe this will help others think about what you'd like to accomplish in 2019, whether in the comics field or in other endeavors.

2018 Goals - Review 

1. Exhibit at 4 cons, including San Diego and/or New York: Check. I exhibited at C2E2, Ann Arbor Comic Art Festival, SDCC, Get Geek'd (Lansing), and the new Michigan Comic Con in Detroit. I was approved for Dragon Con, a show I love, but unfortunately had to back out due to a family wedding that weekend. I am confirmed in 2019 for Michigan State University Comics Forum, Emerald City, C2E2, and SDCC. 

2. Publish at least one creator-owned comic: Getting Macbeth: The Red King out into the world proved a pretty monumental effort, consuming a good portion of my creative working time. And now that it's achieved its Final Form, I'm super proud of it. Building off of this work (but not a direct follow-up to Macb), over the course of 2018 I completed a script for another historical fiction project. More on that soon (I hope!).

3. Publish at least two company-owned (i.e. Marvel/DC) or licensed (media properties like Star Wars) comics: Well, that was ambitious! No, I didn't do this, unless one is extraordinarily generous in the definition. Star Wars Adventures #6 came out in January and was collected in Star Wars Adventures vol. 3 in June. That's not nothing! But honestly, I may not have even been counting SWA once when I wrote this goal, since I was hired for and completed the work in late 2017. There's no doubt SWA opened some doors for me, but it didn't roll into a steady flow of work like I'd hoped. I'm working on how to better pitch existing properties in 2019.

4. Contribute to at least one new website: Not in the way I'd meant, but I had a big enough win I'm gonna count it. The intent of this goal was to establish freelance relationships with a pop culture website in addition to CBR, where I had previously been a staff writer and am now a contributor. I didn't do that. But I did do a freelance project for a Fortune 500 company that draws specifically on my nerd skills. Actually, this might fit better as a qualified success under goal #3, but for a few different reasons it "feels" like it goes here.

In short, I didn't accomplish everything I set out to do, but I'm very pleased with the progress I've made.

So where do we go from here?

2019 Goals

1. Secure a publisher for History Thing #2. That script I just completed needs an artist and a publisher. It will almost certainly not be published in 2019 (depending how this progresses, it could debut in Fall 2020), but I want to get this moving.

2. Publish at least two issues of creator-owned comics. I have a pretty good idea what those two issues will be, depending on how that rolls out there may be a potential for more.

3. Sell at least one piece of fiction in a medium other than comics. I love comics, but it's time to get back to prose, playwrighting, and radio drama, as well!

4. Create at least one work-for-hire comic. Wording here to account for timing, that the comic may not be published in 2019 but I'll check this off if the work is done during the year. I'm pushing hard to do more than one, but since I have less control over this than some of the others I'm starting with a modest goal.

I think these goals are achievable, but of course anything could happen. Late 2018/early 2019 has already thrown me for a bit of a loop with the unexpected opportunity to buy our first house, which is now in process (fingers crossed!) and which takes up considerable time and effort that could otherwise be used writing, researching, and pitching. And I work full time, which puts a considerable dent in my writing time. ;-) 

Having a set of goals helps prioritize the limited time I have for creative work. And even though I fell short in some areas for 2018, I'm confident that I accomplished more than I would have without them. If I can tick off all four goals over the course of 2019, I'll be extraordinarily proud -- and will have some new stories to share with you all.

So what are you working on? Let me know on Twitter @FasterthanShaun!


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Map of “Argentina” by Wolf Dietrich Klebeband

Map of “Argentina” by Wolf Dietrich Klebeband

I once again worked the polls earlier this week, which was a bit more intense than the primary — but very rewarding. Now it’s back to the keyboard. I’m now 75% through the first draft of my next Big Historical Comics project, which has a publisher attached — I expect this one to see print in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021. So, it’ll be a ways yet, but I’m super excited for it. Hoping to have a few li’l projects in the meantime…

I... Election Inspector!

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Yesterday, I served as an election inspector in Michigan's primary. It's a fascinating experience and I'm still processing everything, but I wanted to share a few initial thoughts. 

It's a long day -- you show up at 6am, we finished at 10:45 PM -- but it's never boring. The precinct I worked saw about 20% in-person turnout, and I know there were a lot of absentee ballots. 20% isn't great in absolute terms, but it's not at all bad for a primary and is high for a precinct with a significant number of graduate students who may still be out of town for the summer.

My team was short staffed, as two people who had signed up to work didn't show -- apparently this is a misdemeanor! Other than the precinct chair, the other two of us were doing this for the first time. Yet everything (or nearly everything) went smoothly. We had a great team.

There was one voter whom workers from the other precinct voting in the same room had accidentally sent to an entirely different location. He eventually made his way back, still all smiles, determined to vote. "I'm young, I'm healthy," he said, "I just had to make sure I voted."

If you write in, say, "Batman," you are creating a surprising amount of work for people trying to go home at the end of a 17-hour workday.

I am not the only person who is offended by Michigan's "Application to Vote" paperwork. But I could not say much of anything about this to people who were upset by it because, as it turns out, voting regs constitute "political discussion." I was very careful about this.

If you think you'd be interested in working the polls -- this is a paid position, but it doesn't pay a ton -- let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to be a resource. They need good people, especially if you are a registered Republican in a heavily Democratic area, or vice versa.

TL;DR thank you Michigan for not voting for Shri

San Diego looms large

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sdcc badge packet.jpg

San Diego Comic-Con is less than two weeks away! I'll be at Artist Alley table AA-19 with copies of Macbeth: The Red KingStar Wars AdventuresInteresting DrugHell, Nebraska, and maybe a few other things. I'll also be doing a few Star Wars Adventures signings at the IDW Publishing booth, which should be rad.

I love SDCC, I really do. It's just such a spectacle. And I love getting to see industry friends -- and pretty much everyone is there -- and meeting new folks. After a number of years reporting on the show for Comic Book Resources, this is my first year with a table. It's thrilling and terrifying.

If you're at the con, come say hi!

In addition to SDCC, I've been busy with a couple more projects. One is a Superhero Thing with artist Ross Taylor, which we're hoping to debut next year. The other is Another History Thing, set a few hundred years after Macbeth and not in any way a sequel. But it's super fun. I'm pretty deep into research mode now, even trying to read a couple books in French. It's going... actually much better than I thought it would. Thanks, Duolingo!

This weekend: A2CAF!

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This weekend I'll be exhibiting at Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival, my most local convention and one that I really enjoyed last year. It's a very kid- and youth-focused show (it was previously called Kids Read Comics Festival), and this year I actually have kid-friendly comics to sell! Thanks, Star Wars Adventures

I'll also have copies of my previous books Hell, NebraskaInteresting Drug, and the IF: Crime anthology -- no Macbeth for now, sadly, as our the demise of our intended printer has led to delays. Aiming to have copies for San Diego Comic-Con next month and get books out to Kickstarter backers around that time, as well.

Hope to see you round the cons!

Thanks for supporting Macbeth on Kickstarter!

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Macbeth 00 - cover - W CREDITS-A4.jpg

Thanks to everyone who supported Macbeth: The Red King on Kickstarter! Because of you, we'll be able to bring this book to life in style, with both an oversized paperback and exclusive hardcover edition. If you missed the Kickstarter but would still like a copy, you can catch me round conventions this summer, pre-order through this very website, or stay tuned for announcements on retail distribution. We expect copies to go out to backers in June, wider release schedule will depend on the particulars of our distribution partner.

Currently working on another thing I hope to be able to announce soon. Follow me on Twitter and sign up for email updates to stay in the know. ;-) Thanks!

Thanks for a great C2E2!

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Chicago's C2E2 was a ton of fun, met a lot of great people and it was really heartening to see all the interest in Macbeth: The Red King. There are ten days left in the Kickstarter campaign, and our goal is well within reach!

I'll be honest, it was a bit weird trying to talk up a thing that lives online while surrounded by so many creators with great books you could take home right now. But the sample copy of Macbeth I had on hand I think gave folks a good idea of what we're trying to accomplish with this project. And I so appreciate that people are still responding to my earlier books with Anna, Interesting Drug and Hell, Nebraska

My big purchase at the con was the Source Point Press/Comics Experience bundle. I've been a member of the CE workshop forums for ages, and took the in-person classes in New York before operations moved online. Andy Schmidt, who was an editor for Marvel and IDW before founding Comics Experience, is a fantastic resource for creators who want to improve their craft and develop their comicking careers. I'm pretty excited by the new publishing initiative, and after meeting and hanging out with Frank Gogol at C2E2, I'm especially looking forward to reading his short story collection Grief.

Looking forward to my next convention, the Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival in June. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, and to all of you supporting Macbeth: The Red King on Kickstarter!

C2E2, Ann Arbor and Lansing cons, and the Macbeth Kickstarter

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My first convention appearance of the year will be at C2E2 this weekend, where I'll be exhibiting at Artist Alley table D9 with Spencer and Locke creator David Pepose. C2E2 is one of my favorite shows, big but not too big, with a ton of support for Artist Alley. And of course, as a former Chicago resident, it's always nice to get a chance to knock about town. (Yes, I miss it!)

After that, I'll be attending but not exhibiting at Motor City Comic Con in May, then I'll have a table at Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival June 16-17 and will be a guest of Lansing's Get Geek'd Entertainment Expo July 28-29. Also working on plans for San Diego Comic-Con -- stay tuned!

The Macbeth: The Red King Kickstarter is going strong! We've got a ways to go until meeting goal, but we've got plans in place to finish strong. Thanks so much to everyone who's supported the campaign so far -- if you think the book looks rad, tell your friends!

I'll have Macbeth pins (also known as badges) at C2E2 for Kickstarter backers -- stop by and say hi!

Macbeth: The Red King Kickstarter is Live!

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At long last, the Kickstarter campaign for Macbeth: The Red King is live! I've had copies available at conventions for a little while now, but this will allow for a wider release -- and we're also offering a nice Kickstarter-exclusive hardcover edition, bound together with Shakespeare's play! Check out the campaign at:

I hope you'll consider supporting the project! Thanks so much!

The name “Macbeth” has been cursed for hundreds of years, synonymous with tyranny and over-vaulting ambition. But what if the true Macbeth was something other than the villain Shakespeare portrayed?

Macbeth: the Red King tells an entirely new story of the real-life Scottish monarch, revealing a benevolent ruler who seized on his legitimate claim to the throne. Drawing from historical sources, this engaging graphic novel by Shaun Manning and Anna Wieszczyk is visually stunning companion to Shakespeare’s legendary drama. See Macbeth vanquish the incompetent Duncan, nurture a difficult relationship with his stepson Lulach, and make pilgrimage to Rome while his noble wife minds the restless kingdom — and witness his last stand against the insurgent prince Malcolm.

Macbeth: The Red King is not a re-telling of the Shakespeare classic, but rather a new history of the famous Scottish king. This book is not only for comic fans, but can be a great tool to help educators and students create a visual introduction to some of the greatest literature in our history.

Some very fine reviews for my Star War

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swa 6 comps.jpg

As if there wasn't enough joy simply in seeing my name on Star Wars comic and reading it in print, this issue has received some very nice praise. Coffee with Kenobi was out with the first review:

And what an engaging, thoughtful and oh-so-fun story writer Shaun Manning, artist Chad Thomas, colorist Charlie Kirchoff and letterer Tom B. Long have delivered. From the first panel aboard The Star Herald to the final panel, ‘Podracer’s Rescue’ is pure bliss.

And today, over at Newsarama, we get a 9/10 score:

Writer Shaun Manning’s ‘Podracer’s Rescue’ is a fun look back at young Anakin Skywalker — artist Chad Thomas’ take on baby podracer Anakin is charmingly cute, and colorist Charlie Kirchoff keeps the deserts of Tatooine from getting too overwhelmingly beige. 

Oh, and we're a pick of the week at LA's Meltdown Comics:

I reckon it doesn't hurt that the lead story stars The Last Jedi debutante Rose Tico in her first comic book appearance, written by NYT bestselling author Delilah S. Dawson and illustrated by Eisner Award winner Derek Charm. It's also been a delight to get to know the team behind "Podracer's Rescue" a bit via Twitter, really hoping we get to meet along the convention circuit this year.

Star Wars! I'm in a Star Wars comic!

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January's Star Wars Adventures #6 features a six-page "Tales from Wild Space" backup story by me, artist Chad Thomas, and colorist Charlie Kirchoff. You can imagine how thrilling this is. "Podracer's Rescue" sees young Anakin Skywalker saving the day shortly before the events of The Phantom Menace. The main cover highlights the lead story, featuring new character Rose from The Last Jedi (also a treat!), while the B cover shows Anakin and Sebulba facing off.


Check in with your local comic shop or pre-order on Comixology!

As seen on Book Riot

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I've added a new outlet to my portfolio: the amazing literary community of Book Riot! I've been reading the site for some time and they do some really fun, insightful articles (and a lot of silly bookish things that are also of interest). My first two pieces are up now, more to come shortly.

"Are You There, God?" is Not the Most Interesting Question

I am fascinated by religions and the effects they have on people's lives -- not from a critical perspective, but just as a window on our humanity. So Reza Aslan's forthcoming book God: A Human History was a must-read.

5 Books on Athlete Protests in (Recent) History

I don't follow sports, but I do follow cultural events. The ongoing firestorm over #TakeTheKnee reveals more about America than it does about football, so I thought I'd round up some books on other notable athlete protests. 


Dragon Con! Pre-order Macbeth for a free print

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Next up: Dragon Con! This will be my first time attending or exhibiting at Atlanta's infamous convention -- I've heard so many amazing things, it's one I've always wanted to do. I'll have copies of Macbeth: The Red KingHell, Nebraska, and Interesting Drug.

 Going to the con? Pre-order your copy of Macbeth to pick up at the show and get a free print of the final showdown between Macbeth and Malcolm!

Spoiler alert

Spoiler alert

 Click the link below to pre-order and I'll be sure to save a copy for you. See you at Dragon Con!

Add To Cart

Ann Arbor Comic Fest this weekend, American Library Association next!

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Hoo man, this is the first time I've done conventions on back-to-back weekends, but both of these are quite exciting.

First, I'll be at Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival June 17-18, my first time exhibiting at my hometown library's con. This will also be the Michigan debut of Macbeth: The Red King, after gaining a good deal of interest at C2E2 in Chicago.

Then! I'll be in Artist Alley at the American Library Association's annual conference. I'm thrilled for the opportunity to talk about my Macbeth project with librarians, as I think there are so many excellent educational opportunities for a book like this, that takes a universally known character from history and shows a completely different side to the story. 

Looking forward to seeing old friends, meeting fans, and talking comics in A2 and Chicago! Stop by if you're 'round.

C2E2 this week - Artist Alley D3

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My first con of the year! Always an exciting time. I'll be in Chicago this weekend for C2E2, hanging out in Artist Alley booth D3 with "Spencer and Locke" creator (and Newsarama editor) David Pepose. I'll be debuting "Macbeth: The Red King," and if you know how long I've been talking about this book, you can imagine how excited I am to have copies in my hands and to be able to share it with the world.

I also just got word that I've been approved to exhibit at the American Library Association conference in June. This isn't part of my regular con circuit, but for a project like "Macbeth" it's an exciting opportunity. And of course, as someone who works for a library, it's exciting in its own way. 

New edition of Hell, Nebraska coming

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Well, hello.

After a good run at Kansas City Comic Con, I'm nearly sold out of the Kickstarter-funded print edition of Hell, Nebraska volume 1. That book was oversized; for the new one, I'm going the other way, with a 5x8" manga-sized volume. The thought right now is to go through Amazon's Createspace to assist in fulfillment, though that will depend on what the proof looks like and how the costs break down (cautiously optimistic).

The question is, should it be color or black and white?