Thought Bubble and 27 Anthologies

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November sees the release of two awesome anthologies to which I am a proud contributor. In the annual Thought Bubble anthology (Image Comics), tying in with the convention in Leeds, England, artist Meredith Moriarty and I have a one-page vignette about how we cope. 27: A Comics Anthology (Red Stylo/Action Lab) has a personal essay about hearing of Amy Winehouse's death during San Diego Comic-Con, and how the people around me responded. Check 'em out, in stores and online.

Now approaching Hell


My other book! Today I picked up the printer's proof of 'Hell, Nebraska,' a collection of my digital-first series. While I need to tweak a few things before going ahead with the print run, this is just about ready to go.

This is also putting some urgency on me to relaunch this poor old website, but for functionality's sake I have in fact updated the widget at the sidebar to allow ordering HNE, and you can also go to it in this very post:


Interesting Drug SIGNED by Shaun $25.00 USD

Hell, Nebraska SIGNED by Shaun $20.00 USD

Both books SIGNED $40.00 USD

If you've been following along digitally, 'Hell, Nebraska' #6 will be on Comixology within the next couple weeks. Stay tuned!

That's a wrap!


Yesterday marked the conclusion of my Interesting Drug book tour with a stop at the local Barnes and Noble. It's been a fun journey, returning to some favorite comic shops and getting to see a few more, meeting new people and seeing old friends. Dearborn's Press and Guide covered my appearance at Green Brain Comics, and I got marquee treatment at my hometown coffee shop, Waterford's L.A. Cafe:

In the month since launch, I've also racked up a few very encouraging reviews for the book:

"Yeah, make this movie." -- Indie Comix Make it or Break it

One of Bleeding Cool's Eighteen Comics and Graphic Novels of Book Expo America

"It is a wild and wonderful ride." -- Ann Arbor Observer

"If you're looking for a moving, personal story with striking art that also happens to involve time travel, Interesting Drug is worth picking up." -- Panel Patter

"Interesting Drug takes the concept of time travel down a path of addiction and dealing that I’ve never seen in the genre." -- Cosmic Book News Alternative Comics Beat

So, yes. I'm quite happy with response so far. Thanks to everyone who has come out to one of the signings or events, to those who picked up the book at cons, and to any who have read Interesting Drug.

If you'd like a signed copy but are unlikely to see me in the near future, you can order from the Paypal link in the sidebar or below:


SIGNED by Shaun $25.00 USD

Unsigned $25.00 USD

Enjoy the trip!

'Interesting Drug' launch party, and a few reviews


Last night was the book launch party for 'Interesting Drug' at Ann Arbor's Vault of Midnight, where a nice mix of friends, family, colleagues, and new fans came together for free drinks, electronic music from Happenstance, and a discussion/Q&A on the book led by Comic Book Resources' Dave Richards. My daughter helped.

I also hear that Interesting Drug is well represented at Book Expo America's Book Con, thanks to publisher BOOM! Studios. As a huge nerd not only for comic cons but for book conferences, this is terribly exciting for me. I've only been to BEA once, years ago when it was in Chicago before permanently settling in New York—really hoping I can go again sometime. :-)

This week, it's a signing at Pontiac's Comic City, then off to the desert for Phoenix ComiCon.

Also of note! ID made pick of the week at Broken Frontier and All-Comic—thanks, guys! And we get a mention up top in Rich Johnston's "# Thoughts" column at Bleeding Cool, so that's quite fun.

Very encouraged by the early response, not only in terms of review attention but also people getting in touch by Twitter and FB, and of course chatting at cons and turning up to my events. I am so grateful for the support!

In the News! Talking about Motor City Comic Con and 'Interesting Drug'


In the run-up to Motor City Comic Con, I've received some very nice local coverage for my book:

Detroit News (sidebar to a John Barrowman interview)

Metro Times (Detroit's free weekly)

Back in the comics media world, I also did a very fun interview with Graphic Policy. Give a read!

To poorly paraphrase Bonnie Tyler, forever's gonna start tomorrow afternoon. If you'll be at MCCC, stop by and say hi!

Where am I?

Interesting Drug Casewrap Print Proof_Page_1

After  a thrilling pregame at C2E2 in Chicago, the 'Interesting Drug' tour begins in earnest this weekend at Motor City Comic Con! Once the book is officially released on May 28, I'll be touring Michigan pretty intensively in June. Full schedule: May 16-18: Motor City Comic Con

May 31, 7pm-??: Launch party @ Vault of Midnight (Ann Arbor) - my local shop!

June 4, 4-6pm: Signing @ Comic City (Pontiac) - my hometown shop!

June 5-8: Phoenix Comicon (Phoenix, AZ) - hey, this isn't in Michigan?!?

June 11, 12pm-??: Signing @ Comics and More (Madison Heights)

June 14, 12-2pm: Signing @ Green Brain Comics (Dearborn)

June 27, 7-9pm: Launch party @ LA Cafe & Java (Waterford) - my hometown cafe!

June 28, 4pm: Discussion & signing @ Barnes & Noble (Ann Arbor)

Not in Michigan? Not in Phoenix? Well, 'Interesting Drug' is on sale everywhere May 28 -- here's the press release from BOOM! Studios to prove it!

Thanks to all for supporting the book, I'm super excited to finally get it into people's hands and introduce 'ID' to new fans at cons. Enjoy the trip!

Newsarama takes a hit of 'Interesting Drug'


My second interview on Interesting Drug is up, this time at Newsarama: BOOM! Wants to Dose Comic Readers with an INTERESTING DRUG

With all my time spent writing for CBR, it's kind of odd to find myself on the front page of its main rival--but you know, I've got some good friends at 'Rama and we're all just guys and gals who love comics. Very pleased with how this turned out. Many thanks to Lucas for setting this up  and to Lan for doing the interview!

Kickstarter! Bringing 'Hell, Nebraska' to print

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 1.15.28 PM

Well, friends, we're approaching the end of 'Hell, Nebraska' six issue digital run, and I'd love to bring the whole thing to print. So here's the Kickstarter, where you and all your closest pals can preorder the TPB along with a few other fun rewards: Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 1.15.28 PM

If all goes well, I'm looking to debut at the Cincy ComiCon in September. Thanks for your support!

Welcome back!


Aaaannd... my web site has reverted! I experimented with a service that lets you design a more commerce-y site, which would certainly be nice in some regards, but which created some complications in others. Like, for example, no file hosting beyond images incorporated directly into the design. Now I'm looking for something a little in between what that site was and what this is, will get around that in between all the other projects on my plate. In the meantime, I had a story in Dark Horse Presents! Alongside Neil Gaiman and Paul Chadwick! So definitely check that out.

Much has changed!

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Well, an embarrassing amount of time has passed since I last updated. And much has changed. First, and significantly, I'm no longer doing regular interviews for CBR--I still do convention coverage and contribute to the occasional list feature (such as the upcoming "Best of 2012"), but now I'm focusing on my own comics and fiction projects. Speaking of... the startup through which I'd been planning to launch The Red King, my historical Macbeth epic, failed to start up. So that story is back on the market. Gonna go ahead and post a sample.  Click the cover for eight pages of goodness from me, Anna, and letterer extraordinaire Ed Brisson!

Finally, I also have a few new issues of Hell, Nebraska up at Comixology. Have a look, won't you?

Will try to keep this place a little more current, a bit more tidy. Hold me to it!

Hell, Nebraska #1

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The first issue of my direct-to-digital miniseries "Hell, Nebraska" is now online at, with iVerse to follow. I'm planning on eight 11-page issues, which translates to 4 standard-size comic issues--but with twice as many cliffhangers! Hell NE

Hell and Pizza

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Pages are coming in for my series set in Hell, Nebraska, which I'm going to publish digitally in 11-page installments as soon as I've got enough material. For now, though, the construction of Dis, as imagined by Anna Wieszczyk: Hell NB p.5

Also, I took the leap and set up Pizza Good Times for the Kindle. Click the creepy cover to buy or read a preview: