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Now available! Kickstarter rewards are going out this week, but if you missed out on that you can also order 'Hell, Nebraska,' a collection of my digital-first series, right here on the website. If you're Michigan-based, you can also make your way out to Vault of Midnight in Ann Arbor or any Comic City location. This is also putting some urgency on me to relaunch this poor old website, but for functionality's sake I have in fact updated the widget at the sidebar to allow ordering HNE, and you can also go to it in this very post:


Interesting Drug SIGNED by Shaun $25.00 USD

Hell, Nebraska SIGNED by Shaun $20.00 USD

Both books SIGNED $40.00 USD

If you've been following along digitally, 'Hell, Nebraska' #6 will be on Comixology 8/27. If you haven't been following along digitally but would prefer that edition, the collection will also be released 8/27 on Comixology.