Angels and Indies

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The two biggest publishers I cover had a bit of an unusual crossover when it was recently announced (accidentally) that the "Angel" comics (of "Buffy and Angel" fame) would be moving from IDW Publishing to Dark Horse late next year. So I got to cover that. And some other stuff. The Future of "Angel"

Tischman & Huehner on "Angel's" Finale

Kim Thompson on Translating Manara

Brill on “Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers”

Bryan Talbot's "Grandville Mon Amour"

Jason's "Werewolves of Montpellier"

Also working a lot on scripts, especially Macbeth but also some other ideas that have cropped up. One is a parody of several nursery rhymes, one is a parody of a well-known DC Comics character done using a bunch of nursery rhymes. Possibly this is because my daughter just turned one. Happy birthday Lila!