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I've added a new outlet to my portfolio: the amazing literary community of Book Riot! I've been reading the site for some time and they do some really fun, insightful articles (and a lot of silly bookish things that are also of interest). My first two pieces are up now, more to come shortly.

"Are You There, God?" is Not the Most Interesting Question

I am fascinated by religions and the effects they have on people's lives -- not from a critical perspective, but just as a window on our humanity. So Reza Aslan's forthcoming book God: A Human History was a must-read.

5 Books on Athlete Protests in (Recent) History

I don't follow sports, but I do follow cultural events. The ongoing firestorm over #TakeTheKnee reveals more about America than it does about football, so I thought I'd round up some books on other notable athlete protests.