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Post-San Diego Post!

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Photo by Pinguino

Photo by Pinguino

This was my 11th San Diego Comic-Con, and my second setting up in Artist Alley. It’s a new and thrilling experience every year. I love talking about my books (and other comics) with folks who stop by my table, it’s super fun to meet new people at the after-hours events around con, and of course it’s a treat to see friends and reconnect with folks in the industry. I might have also managed to get a new project or two off the ground — we’ll see.

At the end of the convention, I got to play Kieron Gillen’s beta RPG DIE, based on the comic of the same name, with an incredible group. I wrote up the experience for CBR:

To Live and DIE at SDCC with Kieron Gillen, Jody Houser, Jim Zub & More

Nearly missed my flight but it was totally worth it!


I don’t have any more conventions planned for the year, but I’m starting to plan for 2020. Can’t wait to see what next year brings!

More on CBR! And a bio!

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Hey, wow, it's time for an update, right? Overdue, even. As my own comics projects are clicking along, I've had some opportunities for awesome interviews at Comic Book Resources:

BEHIND BUFFY SEASON 9: Andrew Chambliss Discusses Buffy's Choice

BEHIND BUFFY SEASON 9: A "Slayer, Interrupted"

EXCLUSIVE: Scott Allie Talks Buffy's Big Changes

Three interviews about recent developments in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9," the comic book continuation of the show. (There was also a Season 8, if you missed it. Big changes for Buff, read the comics before you read my interviews.

Douglas Rushkoff Levels Up in "A.D.D."

Douglas Rushkoff is brilliant. Here's us talking about the big ideas behind his new comic.

Gene Yang Plots the Next Stage of "Avatar: The Last Airbender"

Gene Yang is a fantastic, award-winning cartoonist. He's been tapped to continue "Avatar" in comics.

Furman Restores the Marvel "Transformers" Continuity

"Transformers" was my first comic, and I still remember where I was when I read the final issue. So this was cool.

EXCLUSIVE: Evanier Writes "Garfield" for BOOM!

Garfield goes from comic strips to comic books!

EXCLUSIVE: Roger Langridge Scraps with "Popeye"

As does Popeye!



Here's a brief profile of me in the Michigan Record, a the faculty/staff publication of the University of Michigan:

University Press’ promotions coordinator explores comic writing

San Diego Comic-Con!

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So, the big dance is now behind us, all of my articles have been turned in and nearly all of them have posted at CBR. Many of them, though, were done live, which can be tricky but does have the benefit of being entirely finished within the space of an hour. Good times! Personal highlights of the show including interviewing Torchwood actors John Barrowman and Eve Myles, seeing Cowboys & Aliens director Jon Favreau DJ, and of course staying up til obscene hours with some amazing friends and colleagues. Here are a few things I worked on:

The Rapid Rise of "Womanthology"

CCI: DC's Thursday "New 52" Panel

CCI: Roberson Beams Up "Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes"

CCI EXCLUSIVE: IDW Announces Wally Wood Artist's Edition and More

CCI: X-Men Panel

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Brian Wood Reveals "The Massive"


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Recently began a new position as a marketing manager with University of Michigan Press, where one of my many responsibilities is to write short blog entries about our authors' accomplishments. Here's my first: ‘The Americanist’ Author Daniel Aaron Awarded National Humanities Medal

Of course, I'm also still writing very regularly for CBR, where I have a new profile. Spent last weekend at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2), a new-ish convention, where I got to see a number of friends and industry colleagues, and meet a few for the first time. Some fun recent articles:

Busiek, Kaluta, Allred & Cassaday Go On A "Rocketeer Adventure"

C2E2: IDW's "Doctor Who" Goes Digital

C2E2 EXCLUSIVE: "Star Wars: Dark Times" Strikes Back

Ariga Talks "Mega Man Gigamix"

Jerry Robinson Explores "The Comics"

Moore Heralds the End of "Echo"

Yo Joe!

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Among my recent articles for CBR was press call on G.I. Joe comics—specifically, relating to the death of a very famous character. If you've ever paid any attention to G.I. Joe, ever, you've heard of him. Some other fun stuff in the works, too, including a look at the impending return of "Dark Horse Presents." G.I. Joe Enters the "Cobra Civil War"

Scott Allie Speaks of “The Dead Remembered”

Thom Zahler Returns with “Love and Capes”

McNeil Talks "Finder" at Dark Horse

Axe Cop Heads to "Bad Guy Earth"

Richardson on the Return of "Dark Horse Presents"

Suddenly, at CBR...!

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My series of year-end interviews with Mike Mignola is now in progress at Comic Book Resources. First three are below: HELL(BOY) ON EARTH: Hellboy in 2010


HELL(BOY) ON EARTH: Beyond the Hellverse

I also spoke with Mark Waid a couple times:

Waid Walks a Mile with "The Traveler"

Waid's First "Incorruptible" Year

And a cool "Process of the Artist" interview with Patric Reynolds, which I understand will soon be reprinted in an issue of the "Let Me In" series:

Process of the Artist: Reynolds on "Let Me In"

A Visit to Sony Online Entertainment

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I recently had a chance to travel to Austin, TX, to play video games all day. Sometimes I love my job. Sony Online Entertainment paid airfare, hotel, and meals for me and some other members of the press to check out their studios and get an early look at "DC Universe Online." Here are some articles that came out of that. Studio Visit

Interview with Game Director Chris Cao

Interview with writer Marv Wolfman

Then, I did karaoke. "White Wedding," "Anarchy in the UK," and Ke$ha's "TiK ToK," which you can imagine was amazing.

Angels and Indies

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The two biggest publishers I cover had a bit of an unusual crossover when it was recently announced (accidentally) that the "Angel" comics (of "Buffy and Angel" fame) would be moving from IDW Publishing to Dark Horse late next year. So I got to cover that. And some other stuff. The Future of "Angel"

Tischman & Huehner on "Angel's" Finale

Kim Thompson on Translating Manara

Brill on “Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers”

Bryan Talbot's "Grandville Mon Amour"

Jason's "Werewolves of Montpellier"

Also working a lot on scripts, especially Macbeth but also some other ideas that have cropped up. One is a parody of several nursery rhymes, one is a parody of a well-known DC Comics character done using a bunch of nursery rhymes. Possibly this is because my daughter just turned one. Happy birthday Lila!

Post-convention updates

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The new Chicago comic convention, C2E2, was last weekend, I got some fun stories and panel coverage out of that. Also got to meet up with some good people I only see a couple times a year. Notable con stories and previous interviews include: Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson on "Beasts of Burden/Hellboy"

Dave Gibbons on the "Martha Washington" softcover

Three writers on "Predators" movie tie-in comics

Patton Oswalt on "Serenity"

Scott Allie on "Let Me In/Let the Right One In"

Roy Thomas on his return to "Conan"

Neil Gaiman's reading at C2E2

DC Comics panel at C2E2

Recent CBR Stories

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