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Since I'm now writing for more outlets than can be conveniently arranged on my portfolio web site, I will now be posting new articles to this blog for easier access and organization. I may also post the occasional random thought—lucky you! In the interest of getting things up to date, below are some classic and recent articles of mine:

For Bookslut:

Review of Ellington Boulevard by Adam Langer

Review of If You Liked School, You'll Love Work by Irvine Welsh

Others linked from my author page.


For Comic Book Resources:

Interview with Alex Robinson on Too Cool to be Forgotten

Interview with Robert Downey, Jr., on the Iron Man movie.

Review of Iron Man.

Interview with Priest on Gunplay

Interview with Anthony Lappe and Dan Goldman on Shooting War.

More available on my author page.



MIT Premieres Digital Media & Learning Series

Lobbying for the Humanities: Humanities Advocacy Day 2008


For Publishers Weekly:

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