Zero to Sixty

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Like a lot of writers, I expect, I've got a ton of projects in various stages of completion -- concepts, scripts, a few things with artists attached, and a very select few with publishers/publication plans. Most sit for a good long while before I can find an artist and get the real #makecomics process going.

Except this time.

I met Fernando Pinto at New York Comic Con, both of us hanging out at Fred Van Lente's table. I had a look at his portfolio. We exchanged business cards. I knew I wanted to work with him -- his samples were eye-catching and displayed a range of style -- but I didn't know what I had for him.

A day or so after getting back to Ann Arbor, a phrase popped into my head in shower. It was a pretty dumb phrase, but it made me smile. I had an idea for the tone and style of what this thing might look like as a comic, but no story as yet. 

I threw it out to Fernando anyway as something we might work on together. He liked it, so then I had to write it. And I kind of love it. 

AND! He's already got sketches!

All of this in the span of a couple weeks. There have been a few other developments on this since, as well. So excited at how quickly this weird little project is moving, and I hope to have more to share soon.